NOVACERT, exploiting its rich consulting experience and know-how in the agricultural industry and primary sector, selects those applications and systems serving the needs of manufacturing and industrial companies.

The company is also activated in the development and implementation of investment plans, proposals under the development laws, the new NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) etc. NOVACERT has designed and successfully implemented more than 200 investment programs and is always there to support you, offering expertise, integrated file filing services and investment projects implementation.

NOVA Services include:

• Diagnosis of business technological and operational  needs

• Analysis and selection of the appropriate business and investment plan

• Presentation and selection of appropriate financial program

• Elaboration of a thorough techno-economic study

• Support and project monitoring and  management



More specifically, NOVA services refer to:

  • Elaboration of files for Young Farmers: Young Farmers 18-40 years, First Installation Premium.
  • Improvement Plans: Farmers - Breeders - Beekeepers. Purchase of tractors, machinery, construction of warehouses, hangars, refrigerating chambers, Stables facilities, greenhouses, installation of irrigation systems, nurseries, bee colonies, bee workshops etc.
  • Investment Programs Elaboration Study for the establishment, expansion or modernization of entities in the food industry Sector: Plants of process and standardization of agricultural products, cheese-making units, wineries
  • LEADER Programs: Subsidized programs for the creation of hostels, Catering centers, small crafts, agro-tourism accommodation.
  • Elaboration of Proposals for Recognition and submission of Olive Organizations Operational Programs.
  • NSRF programs 2014-2020: a) Program “Startups”: The program aims to create micro and small, sustainable businesses focusing on innovative projects and to boost employment. Potential beneficiaries of the action are: unemployed registered with the Manpower Service/ OAED unemployment registers at the time of application or gainfully self-employed under no employment relationship. The project shall support projects with a total budget amounting to € 60.000,00 with an aid rate of 100% of the total investment budget.
  • Studies of Interest Subsidy for Rural Land Market: Farmers up to 40 years, with an interest rate subsidy of 70% for lowland areas and 100% for disadvantaged and mountainous areas.
  • Organic Agriculture: Subsidies for organic production.
  • Denitrification: Decrease of the Pollution caused by Nitrates, subsidy for lower nitrates use.
  • Program "Upgrading micro & small existing businesses to develop their capacity in new markets": The aid is intended to upgrade the participating business through increased investment in technological and commercial modernization, adoption of ICT, increased degree of standardization and certification of products, developing quality integrated services, improving the quality products and services. Furthermore, through the transfer of technology and knowledge, strengthening the capacity of the production potential and achievement of increased competitiveness of SMEs are expected. The program shall supports projects with a total budget amounting to 15.000 € to 200.000 €. The maximum aid rate is 40% of eligible costs of the project, while in case of recruitment of new staff the rate is increased by 10 percentage units.
  • Program "Strengthening Self-Employment Higher Education graduates": Potential beneficiaries of the action are: unemployed higher education graduates born before 01.01.1991, registered to unemployment records of OAED at the time of the application submission, or higher Education graduates natural persons , born before 01.01.1991, exercising a professional activity related to their specialty of studies, and are not under any employment relationship. The program shall support projects of an overall budget from 5.000 to 25.000 €.
  • Program "Strengthening Tourism SMEs for their modernization and improvement of quality of services": The objective of the program is to strengthen existing micro, small and medium enterprises of Tourism for their modernization, their quality improvement and enrichment of the offered products and services in order to improve their position in the domestic and international tourism market. As "existing is defined any entity established until 31/12/2013. The project shall support projects with a total budget amounting to 15.000 € to 150.000 €. The maximum aid rate is 40% of eligible costs of the project, while in case of recruitment of new staff, the rate increased by 10 percentage units.
  • Viability studies for Rural Units.