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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What is a cookie

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your computer or mobile device when you visit a certain website.  Cookies are designed to allow a website to remember the tasks you performed as well as your preferences, for a certain period of time, so that you won’t have to insert your details during each visit or each time you navigate through its pages. Cookies do not collect information individually, but when read by a server through a browser program, they can provide information and offer a more user-friendly experience.

 What types of cookies does www.novacert.gr website use

The types of cookies that are used by www.novacert.gr are persistent cookies and session cookies. 

  • Session cookies are deleted after you finish browsing and/or close your browser

The website does not use persistent cookies

Note that when you visit our website certain affiliates (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) place third-party cookies on our behalf, in order to collect information on advertising effectiveness and your interaction with our website.

Our affiliates may use this information to draw statistical conclusions and improve your advertising experience as a visitor.

Cookies used on our website and type of information collected

Depending on their function the www.novacert.gr website uses cookies for a number of different purposes:

Strictly Necessary/Essential cookies. These cookies are absolutely necessary to make our website work as efficiently as possible, enabling you to move around and use features such as the access of secure areas or the use of shopping carts. Essential cookies do not identify you as an individual. Without these cookies, our website will not perform as effectively for you as we would like it.

Functionality cookies. Functionality cookies help our website to remember information related to your choices, such as your user name, the selected language and your location so as to offer  more enhanced personalized features. They enable us also to provide services that you have requested as for instance watching videos or engaging with social media. Functionality cookies do not allow us to track your browsing activity on other websites.

Please note that certain affiliates (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), may place cookies on our behalf (third-party cookies). We kindly ask for your consent to such placements. 

Targeting/Advertising and usage statistics cookies. These cookies are used to deliver content that is more related to you and your interests. They may be used to deliver targeted advertisements/offers, to limit advertisement displays or to measure the efficacy of an advertising campaign. They may also be used for us to remember the websites you have visited, in order to identify the effectiveness of digital marketing channels and reward other websites and affiliates for redirecting you to our website. To improve our website, we also use cookies to collect information about the time and manner in which visitors interact with our website, the advertisements and the services offered. For instance, cookies are used for determining how many times a visitor viewed a certain product or service, and whether they chose to share it on a social media platform.


I accept the use of targeting/advertising and usage statistics cookies 

       YES          NO

Social media cookies. These cookies enable you to login to your social media accounts through our website allowing you, for instance, to republish and share content from our website on social media with your friends or to follow our website on social media. Social media cookies are not necessary for navigation.


  I accept the use of social media cookies                              YES         NO

How to control cookies

Cookies are stored in your computer or other device after you have been notified about privacy settings and given your consent on each cookie category, with the exception of essential, functionality and traffic data processing cookies, which do not require explicit consent. Some of our website features may not be fully available unless you accept cookies or certain cookie categories. However, you will in no case be denied access to our website.

It is within your discretion to withdraw at any time your consent, to restrict the use of cookies on your computer or browser, or control and/or delete the cookies. 

  • You may change your personal preferences by clicking here
  • You may at any time delete cookies from your computer or any other device you may be using by following the route [options – privacy and security – all cookies and site data]. This way you will be able to withdraw your consent to the use of cookies on your computer or other device. 
  • You may also set your browser to receive a warning each time certain website services want to place a cookie or you can block cookies entirely.

Your rights

You have the right to ask for any information regarding the processing of your personal data, to obtain access to it as well as to ask for incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate personal data to be corrected. You are also entitled to request for your personal data to be erased, as well as to request the restriction of its processing and to withdraw your consent to the use of some or all the cookies, and thus the processing of your personal data.

In order to exercise your rights on NOVACERT LTD please file your request via email at dpo@novacert.gr.

Where to find additional information on the protection of the personal data selected by cookies 

Additional information on the protection of your personal data and your rights can be found in the Privacy Notice here. 

Where to find additional information on the general use of cookies 

For more information on the general use of cookies and on how to delete or restrict them please visit: http://cookiepedia.co.uk/all-about-cookies and http://www.allaboutcookies.org/.

Changes to the cookies policy.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Policy at all times. Therefore, we suggest that you check regularly for any possible amendments. In such a case we will post the date of amendment. The Cookies Policy to be considered effective is the most recently revised one.