Department of Promotion

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We contribute to extroversion, supporting exports of Greek products. With integrated marketing programs, targeted B2B actions and well-designed Media Planing, we promote the Greek agri-food products in the world’s markets. 

Actions include:

  • Participation in exhibitions at targeted countries.
  • Public Relationς: B2B actions, wholesalers invitations, themed dinners, business missions and delgations.
  • In-store Promotion: Promotions in supermarket (Food Retail Stores), general public information campaigns.
  • Media & Press: Branding, brochures, advertising publications.
  • Advertising campaigns: Advertisments in newspapers and magazines, on-line media.
  • New media: Web development, video production, social media marketing.

Specialising in European promotion programs under the Regulations (EC) 3/2008 and 501/2008, our company has managed and implemented dozens of projects on behalf of some of the leading export agencies of the country.Κλάδοι κύριας δραστηριότητας:

  • Fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Organic products
  • Processed food
  • Wine & vineyards
  • PDO – PGI products

With experience, expertise and international prestigious collaborations NOVACERT manages to “unlock” the global markets boosting production and exports!

EU-funded Promotional Campaigns

Together with the leading exporters and companies, we “travel” Greek products to markets around the world!