NOVACERT is the largest consulting company in Greece, providing integrated solutions and innovative services through pioneer technologies that continually add value and competitive advantage in the agri-environmental sector and the food industry of the country.

The specialized expertise and high quality of services offered by NOVACERT, have established the company in a leading position in the Management and Implementation of programs for the promotion and marketing of fresh and processed agricultural products to the markets of the EU and third countries, as well as the in integrated crop management, development, implementation and certification of quality management and assurance systems. Moreover, the company has extensive experience in the preparation, management and implementation of investment and development projects and programs, as well as in the elaboration of feasibility studies. NOVACERT also participates in national and international research projects in collaboration with national universities and research institutions.  NOVACERT is MADF recognized as an experimental unit entitled to perform bioassays and field experiments for the study, evaluation and presentation of results for new active substances, fertilizers, new varieties and hybrids.

Mission of the company is to provide innovative and secure solutions adding quality and added value to the products, to collaborate with its customers and seeking to improve productivity and gaining competitive advantage in the market.

More specifically, Novacert has developed specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • Provision of Promotion and Marketing Services of fresh and processed agricultural products, with the implementation of various actions such as market and feasibility studies, media and marketing plans, participation in sectorial exhibitions, organization of information, promotion and advertising activities.
  • Responsible Development and Support for Crop Management Integrated Systems and Good Agricultural Practices protocols, Food Safety Management Protocols and Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Quality Management Systems.
  • Elaboration of Studies on product recognition for PDO – PGI – TSG.
  • Design, Drafting, Monitoring, Management and Implementation of investment and development projects in the primary and secondary sector of the agricultural industry, in the context of Development Law and Community or national Operational Programs.
  • Elaboration of studies, monitoring and implementation of improvement plans and recognition of producer groups and exploitation of agricultural and livestock farms.
  • Conducting thorough third party inspections to check the compliance of a company’s requirements as implemented by a third party organization (suppliers).
  • Conducting biological tests – field experiments in accordance with the principles of good experimental practice efficiency.