Educational Meeting for Episkopi Trade Union Members

NOVACERT, in collaboration with Plant Protection Products Company SYNGENTA, organized an Educational- Information Event for the producers of Episkopi Trade Union. The event took place on Thursday 10/03/2016 in Pella Palace and participation was high in view of the new cultivation period.

Mr. Pavlos Asvestas greeted the event on behalf of Episkopi Trade Union, followed by a presentation by NOVACERT Agriculturist Mr. Pechlivanidis Georgios on “Quality and Extroversion of Agricultural Products”. Interesting was the presentation of  NOVACERT Technical Director on “Pre and Post collection rots from Monilinia”, and the event was ended with the presentation of SYNGENTA products for stone fruit, by Mr. Chatzitheodorou Apostolos.

The event was followed by lunch, offered by NOVACERT and SYNGENTA.