“Freshcano” European Peach compote in Alimentaria 2016 International Exhibition

European peach compote travelled to distant Mexico under the program Peach Compote Information and Promotion Measures to third countries, namely Egypt, Iran and Mexico”, implemented by the Program Partner ALMME S.A.- Agricultural Corporate Collaboration S.A and NOVACERT as Implementing Body.

The campaign under the distinctive title “FRESHCANO” participated in Alimentaria 2016 (16-18 March 2016, Expo Guadalajara), the largest international food exhibition in Mexico and one of the best in Latin America. Alimentaria hosts more than 2,500 exhibitors each year, trade visitors exceeding 40,000. It is an exhibition where great emphasis is traditionally placed on agreements with distributors and merchandisers.

FRESHCANO business delegation held a number of B2B contacts with local importers and food distributors. The results were immediate, as cooperation agreements have already been signed for major orders for products to be exported in the next months from Imathia in the Mexican market.

Launching in Mexico, a country with population of 120 million inhabitants and with an ever growing food market estimated to have an annual increase of 4.3%, is a unique challenge for European peach compote.

Meanwhile, the first phase of actions in Iran and Egypt was completed, with sample distributions in large supermarket chains.

Through FRESHCANO promotion program producers and processors are given the opportunity to further expand their export activities, with new markets opening for their products.