Educational Meeting for Olive Producers in Limenaria, Thasos

An Educational meeting – information event for ETD IBP Limenaria producers was organized by NOVACERT on Wednesday 03/30/2016 in the Cultural Association Hall of Limenaria, Thasos. In view of the new growing season, the producers’ interest was very high and participation of farmers was outstanding.

The briefing began with the presentation of NOVACERT Agriculturist Mr. Grouzidis Dimitris, covering a wide range of the following topics: Marketing and olive Disposal, Rural Development Programme 2016 – 2021, New Common Agricultural Policy (KAP), Quality Standards, Codes of Good Agricultural Practice, ETD Actions.

The second presentation of Agriculturist Mr. Hatzisavvidis Christos (Msc, PhD Arboriculture-Nutrition), Assistant Professor at Democritus University of Thrace, was also of great interest and mainly focused on technical issues of olive cultivation (crop protection, nutrition – fertilization watering and pruning).

The next day, Thursday 31/03/16, NOVACERT Agriculturist Mr. Grouzidis Dimitris and Agriculturist Mr. Hatzisavvidis Christos visited several producers, giving practical advice to ETD IBP Limenaria producers, for trimming and shaping crown, dealing with pests and diseases, and nutrition – fertilization of trees.