Ath. Tamparopoulos: How promotional programs contribute to the extroversion of Greek agricultural products

Freskon 2016 in Thessaloniki
April 14, 2016
High Performer “Freskon 2016”
April 26, 2016
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Freskon 2016 Exhibition for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, held in Thessaloniki International Fair Congress Centre, hosted the session “Europe and Greece facing new challenges in a changing society”, including interesting presentations introduced by Mrs. Evangelia Kourenta, Head of the Directorate of Rural Policy, International Relations and Promotion of the Ministry of Agriculture, , NOVACERT co-founder and executive director Mr. Athanasios Tamparopoulos, and ECONOMOTECHNIKI representative Mr. Pantelis Skarlatos .

Mr. Tamparopoulos referred to the contribution of the promotional programs for the extroversion of Greek agricultural products, showing evidence of the success of such actions. Specifically, implementation of such programs to date has achieved an increase by 11.9% in value and by 4.9% in volume (Incofruit 2013) in exports of agricultural products, while Greece is in the top five exports to several countries:

• 1st supplier in 14 countries in 35 products

• 2nd supplier in 17 countries in 23 products

• 3rd supplier in 13 countries in 20 products

• 4th supplier in 10 countries in 17 products

• 5th supplier in 10 countries in 12 products

Meanwhile, Mr. Tamparopoulos outlined the major promotional programs, studied and implemented by NOVACERT with great success, in the quality if Implementing Body, presenting the promotional activities carried out in the target countries.