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Corporate announcement

Dear partners,

Under these unprecedented conditions due to coronavirus (COVID-19), NOVACERT Ltd. has already undertaken initiatives  to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the company, having identified and planned actions that enhance our promptitude and minimize any potential adverse effects that could be caused by the spread of the virus.

In this context, the company takes all the necessary protective measures for the employees in our workplaces, but most of all implements a teleworking program. Since its establishment, NOVACERT has been a company based and evolving thanks to the use of Information and Communication Technologies.We remain 100% operational, with all departments and all services provided to our partners.

You can contact us on the following telephone numbers:

• +30 2333053200 (Alexandria)

• +30 2310554429 (Thessaloniki)

• +30 2810360344 (Heraklion)

via email at info@novacert.gr or directly with our company staff.

At the same time, all necessary meetings will be held by teleconference.

Dear friends,

This critical period requires composure, individual and collective responsibility and absolute implementation of the Greek State’s instructions.