Informative event for ASEPOP Naoussa producers

In Naoussa, on Monday, November 21st, 2016 NOVACERT hosted an informative event for the producers of ASEPOP Naoussa. The cooperative’s producers had the opportunity to learn all about the latest developments regarding their crops, on how to improve yields, and new market varieties.

The event began with the greeting of the president of ASEPOP Mr. Paschoulas Antonisny, who welcomed the participants and proceeded to a brief reference to the current issues of the cooperative. After that, the main presentations followed.

NOVVACERT’s technical director Mr. Evangelopoulos Yiannis spoke about the best practices and methods for installing a new orchard.

In his speech, Mr. Vadolas Dimos, supervisor agronomist, spoke about the necessary sprays ahead of the next cultivating period.

Finally, on behalf of VITRO HELLAS, agronomist Mr. Aris Konstantinidis presented to producers new varieties of peach, nectarine, apple and apricot trees.

This information event was part of the Integrated Management System implemented by ASEPOP Naoussa.