Participation at European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization’s Workshop

Novacert participation in the workshop of EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization) on: Adoption of Digital Technology for Data Production for the evaluation of the effectiveness of Plant Protection Products, through its technical director Mr. Evangelopoulos Ioannis.

The Workshop takes place on 26 and 27 June in Ede, the Netherlands.


The development of digital technology is increasing across a wide range of industries and its application in agriculture is rapidly advancing. The application of digital technology in efficacy trials is comparatively new and limited experience has been shared so far on this topic among EPPO Countries. The 2019 EPPO Working Party on Plant Protection Products identified the need for a Workshop on adoption of digital technology for efficacy data generation.

During the Workshop regulatory authorities, technology providers, crop protection companies and units performing efficacy studies will share new ideas and new methodologies and critically discuss how these new methodologies can be validated and accepted within Good Experimental Practice (GEP) systems and by regulators in the future.

Τhe first objective of the Workshop is to share experiences among different groups of participants across the EPPO countries on this subject. It will also be an opportunity to identify knowledge gaps and where further work, or guidance may be useful including preparation of new EPPO Standards and revision of existing EPPO Standards. The Workshop is focused on using digital technologies for data generation in efficacy trials. The use of digital technologies in the application of plant protection products is outside of the Workshop’s scope.